A reliable, efficient, and affordable solution for moto operators. 


Kigali City is becoming increasingly fast-paced and its transport services are improving as a result. There are an estimated 30,000 taxi motorbikes in Rwanda. Currently, facilitation services for these ‘taxi motos’ are slow and expensive -- both in terms of time and cost –- for many taxi moto operators. PikiWash provides a solution to the challenge most operators face in terms of access to modern, effective and efficient motorbike cleaning and basic maintenance services.



With our system, we will reduce on road accidents associated with poor motorbike mechanical conditions, and we will reduce on the pollution of the city’s water streams caused by the existing unhygienic motorbike washing operations.



We work directly with taxi moto associations to spread the message of quick and efficient motorbike services offered at PikiWash. Our services ensure that motorbikes are cleaned, washed and/or serviced within the shortest time possible and at an affordable rate, allowing taxi moto operators to get back on the road in under an hour.



PikiWash is bringing pride to the taxi moto industry, providing hard-working taxi moto operators with ways to improve their equipment and therefore the services they provide to the public.